I guess this is supposed to be where I introduce myself, so...here goes. Name is Dawn. Live in the Purcell Trench in Northern Idaho, about 45 miles south of the Canadian border. I live in a house my dad and I built in the middle of an old growth forest where the trees are over 150' tall. I'm married to a wonderful man who is Shaolin.  We're both musicians.  He's a composer and arranger, though, to survive here in North Idaho, he drives a semi-truck for a pay check.  I take care of my Mom, my only surviving parent.  I'm an expert equestrienne, flutist, pianist, martial artist and weapons expert, this latter interest developed because I suffered egregious assault while at university studying to be a veterinarian. I'm also an expert at livestock--cattle, pigs, & horses, especially...and have an affinity for the corvid species, especially ravens, crows, and rooks. I hold several degrees, but run a graphic arts business as a sole proprietor, having tired of the corporate world around the turn of the millennium when the handwriting was on the wall that being an employee, even a key-person high up the food chain of the corporate hierarchy meant little to no security. I'm here because I need to face my nemesis--video--mostly for my husband's goals in music.  And I'm a complete newb and ditz when it comes to this stuff, so fair warning. ...Oh.  I'm also an author, writing under pseudonyms in several genres, including SF.  And I'm a zentaoist...which is to say someone who denies nothing, embraces everything, and who perceives no limitation to possibilities.  You can find me online on G+.  My personal domains are https://www.zentao.com/ and https://www.dlkeur.com/, plus a handful of others I've collected through the decades.


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