Hello everyone. I just downloaded the HFX software, and I am in way over my head. I have been editing videos for several years using iMovie, which is a breeze to use.  But iMovie is not reading my 60fps videos, and so I thought I would take a stab at a more powerful program. As I sort through a few tutorials, and peruse the forums, it occurs to me that I don't know how to learn the software. Many of the terms in the user's guide, I don't even understand.  I start to watch the tutorials, but they often don't address the most rudimentary questions that I bump up against. For example, I spent over half an hour trying to simply figure out how to crop a video, which I still haven 't figured out how to do!  I searched "cropping" in the user guide, and not one article pulled up.  I tried to manipulate the rectangle in the viewer by dragging the nodes and ended up with a tiny little square in the middle of a checkerboard, and no idea how to get  the frame back to normal size and try something new. I hit the undo button about 20-times, but the rectangle stayed small. What are the little green and red lines for on the viewer window? Is this really how folks learn to use these types of products? By going to forums and asking question after basic question, hoping someone will answer? Pulling up youtube video after youtube video hoping that How did all of you guys learn? Did you take a class?  Like I want to go to a class with a person teaching, and explaining, and answering questions. Or is this just how it is? Just patiently through trial and error, go through each painstaking step of learning how to do each task?


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