How to drag debris effect around?

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I'm using the debris 3D effect for something. I want to drag it around and it might as well be 2D for all I care. When I try to drag its centre point, it acts in some way that I don't want which probably is related to it being 3D. I can use the red and green arrows to translocate it but as usual, I have about 80 to move so I'd rather use the centre point/anchor point thing like is used to move normal layers.


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    Because the debris effect defaults to being in the center, and because it is a 3D effect, it's easy to find yourself grabbing the Z movement arrow (which is pointing straight at you on top of the move tool's central axis) instead of the center of the tool.  I found, though, that if I don't move the mouse directly over the tool, but just a little away from it, I can grab and drag it normally.  It takes some fiddling to find the sweet spot to click on the root instead of the Z axis, but it works.  The farther away from the center the effect is dragged, the easier it is to click on the move tool's center and avoid the Z axis arrow.  Perhaps make one debris layer, drag it away from center a bit, then duplicate that so the rest are easier to position.

    That said, I do agree that it's troublesome to have the move tool for that effect default to being a 3D tool, even though the layer itself is only 2D.

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    Thanks. That seems to work okay. It's annoying that if I miss, I end up moving the massive layer behind (the video clip).