Completely OT but I just saw something weird

I was talking to my mum and looking out the window when I saw a huge white flash in the sky, a couple seconds later there was a deafening boom that shook the whole building. I soooo wish I had had my camera when I saw it.
No idea what I just saw but my first thought was "damn, they just blew up Santa Claus"


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    CRAP!! Poor Santa Claus. :(
  • yeah, no prezzies here i guess
    lol wish I knew what it was, it was really strange. After I was thinking, damn what a great effect that would make.
    We had a trippy lightning storm last fall I wish I had gotten on film as well. One bolt of lightning struck so close it set off all the car alarms in the parking lot. Another dug about a 3 foot deep trench about 30 feet long in a field near here. It was like the ground was cut with a knife, a very very hot knife. So many weird things have happened in this neighborhood in the last couple years my friends are starting to call it X-files-ville
  • Love to talk but i got to go to bed so santa can give me lots of stuff. :P
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    Maybe an asteroid hit santa.
  • Aculag
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    How high in the sky was it? It could have been an exploding electrical transformer. That seems to happen a fair bit, but they make more noise than just a boom, I think.
  • it happened again tonight, exact same time, this time my neighbor saw it too. I had my blinds shut but there was a bright bluish white flash that was clearly visible through the blinds, followed 2 or 3 seconds later by a very loud boom that shook the building. The kind of boom that vibrates through your chest. I didn't see how high in the sky the 2nd one was because the blinds were closed, just saw the bright flash. But the first night it was pretty high up.
    There is a coast guard station about 25 miles south west of me. I'm wondering if it was something they were launching. Some kind of flare or something. Being that it happened at the exact same time 2 nights in a row, someone has got to know what this thing is. Its on a schedule with somebody.
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    Set up a camera for tomorrow night to capture it.
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    If you ask me, it's obviously a UFO.
    If you ask the government, it's obviously a "military exercise". :P
  • well i don't think it is a UFO. It happened 2 nights in a row at exactly the same time. It was to the south west of here and there is a coast guard station south west of here. What ever it was it doesn't seem to have done any major damage. It never even made the news, so it must not have been that big of a deal.
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    Good thing you made a thread about it then. ;)
  • Well when I made the thread I thought it might turn out to be something kool. It kinda fizzled. Next time the sky explodes i'll make sure its a lot kooler before I post about it
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    Hey, it could still happen again. I say keep the tape rolling.
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    Maybe it was an underground bank robbery across the street, and when they blew the safe, the kickback traveled the tunnel and blew off in your building. That's why you felt the shake. The bright light probably went up the chimney and shot straight up.
    Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one. That bit about Santa Claus is kind of "out there". You have quite an imagination.:)
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