Invalid File Format when applying Luts. 2017 Express with Colorist pack.

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I have Express 2017 w/ colorist and regardless of what Lut in .cube format I try to apply I always get: error - invalid file format.  

Luts include: free Royal Punch from, also freebies from

I apply the lut effect directly to my clip in the edit tab, then expand the lut menu bar and select the path, I am then met with this error every time.

These .cube luts work in Resolve but I really love Hitfilm's UI and want them to work, just can't figure this out.




  • BobDiMarzioBobDiMarzio Website User Posts: 632 Just Starting Out

    First, a disclaimer. I am using pro, but I would think that it is safe to assume that the colorist pack for express uses the same code as that which is in Pro.

    I downloaded the Free Royal Punch lut and applied the (.CUBE) Lut   to both a clip on the editor time line and a clip within a composite.   Both worked fine.  

  • dlsowers212gmailcomdlsowers212gmailcom Website User Posts: 2

    I have recently downloaded the Pro trial and they do not work there either.  Is there a certain location that these need to be located?  I have also followed the youtube videos step by step and still get the same result.

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