Hitfilm pro 2017 can't open my file

UnidrewUnidrew Website User Posts: 6

Weird issue. I'm really confused. I have two versions of my project file, one title "Project File" and the other title "Save Project File". I keep one as my primary and the other as the backup so I always have a recent backup in case my computer crashes. 

So I was working on the "Project File" when my computer crashed, which is something that happens, hence the backup. So I booted my computer up again and opened Hitfilm.

I tried opening "Project File", but it told me that it couldn't be opened or whatever. Makes sense, seeing that in my folder it says that the file is 0 KB. Okay.

So I go to open "Save Project File" and it also didn't open, but it still has the 2,371 KB of data. So why won't it open? I didn't have a very recent backup of the backup, so I would love some advice. I've tried copying the file and renaming it and it still won't open.


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