No 4K Export possible? Reason: Youtube quality!

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Hello, I'd like to know if it's planned to support exporting videos into 4K anytime soon?

I've made a test on Youtubeone video in 1080p 60 FPS, 1.6 GB large.
For the second video in 4K I took the original video and simply upscaled it via a trial software that can do that upscaling. The resulting video was only ~600 MB large, as it wouldn't let me insert a higher quality, but despite all of that, the upscaled 4K video looks so much better!!!

The reason is that the way Youtube compresses uploaded videos is dependant on the uploaded resolution; Youtube apparently uses the VP9 format if you upload in 4K, which means even the (way worse) upscaled 4K videos looks better, also in 1080p, than the original better-quality 1080p video I uploaded!

As I love to do music video animations with a lot of movements and dark areas, it'd be a dream come true for me to be able to export in 4K with Hitfilm Express so I got no pixelation on my videos, due to Youtube's bad compression :(

Thank you in advance for a reply, have a nice weekend,


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    You're apparently not using HitFilm Express 2017, which added 4K project and export support.  Go download the latest version and enjoy!

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    Hitfilm Express 2017 already does export in 4K, at up to 30fps. If you're still using Hitfilm Express 4, upgrade. All your plugins - if you bought any any - will be carried across for you at no extra charge.

  • LapisDemon
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    Ooooh thank you so much guys :D

    Indeed, I haven't upgraded to the latest version yet, I'm still not at that point where I can solely use Hitfilm (still need to learn a lot), so I still use my very bad old video editing software, for the most part >.>

    I'll upgrade immediately!!

    Thank you :D <333

  • LapisDemon
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    Oops happy too soon ;-;

    I downloaded the new msi/installation file, but it's from September 2016, not a "2017 version"..? Where do I get the 2017 version that got 4K support?

    Thank you

  • Triem23
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  • LapisDemon
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    Hello Triem (You're "Hitfilm University" on Youtube, right? Love your tutorials <3:))

    I've been there on the link before I commented again, there's no download button..
    When I want to download it, even though I'm an existing user, I'm asked to share it (again) via Twitter or Facebook or Google+.

    Maybe that could be considered for the future, somehow, for existing users?

    Oh well, whatever, I love that software :)

    Take care!

  • Triem23
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    Do the social share. Hitfilm 2017 isn't an update for Hitfilm 4, it's an entirely new software installation. Besides, Hitfilm is awesome enough it's not a big deal to announce its being downloaded. ;-) 

    Yup, I do Hit-U. Thanks for the kind words. :-) 

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