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  • mvraghavendrarao
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    Hello, i recently installed hitfilm pro trail version. it doesn't launch. it just freezes. I can't even make a new project after launching it. Edit, project tabs are greyed out. I am running it on Asus rog GL552 laptop with intel core i7 6th gen, 16 GB ram, Nvidia geforce gtx 960M 4 GB gpu. it also has integerated gpu intel HD 530. Can anyone tell me what is the problem. I have Macaffee livesafe antivirus installed. I even tried to turn off the firewall and run hitfilm still same problem persists



  • CPesto
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    I've had same issue with large 3D model scenes as well. The workaround is to lower the resolution to half or quarter and in the "Options" (upper right corner), toggle off "Toggle all render options".  That's about as much as I know  :)

  • CleverTagline
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    @mvraghavendrarao I suggest submitting a support ticket (upper-right corner of this site: Menu --> Support)

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