Hitfilm Hogging all of my RAM?

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I have had an issue recently where I would be using Hitfilm Express 2017; When I'm using Hitfilm over a period of time, it starts to consume more and more RAM. I opened one of my projects and opened task manager and watched as it slowly increased from 150MB usage to 650MB, then it jumped to 3GB and everything freezes. I can't even move my mouse. I have 4GB of 2400mhz Corsair RAM but I don't see why it would require so much just sitting there. Even while editing videos it doesn't go this high. Any advice? I have an Intel i5-6500 @3.2GHz quad core and a Nvidia GT 730 graphics card.


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    Thanks for the report. Can you let us know exactly what you're doing?

  • I'm just adding pictures to a 20 minute clip

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    Do you mean that you have a 20-minute video imported, and you're overlaying pictures on top of that?  Or is it something else?

    If you have any lengthy footage imported, that may be part of the problem.  In another thread, @Triem23 pointed out that HitFilm doesn't like long clips.  I was trying to edit a project where my raw footage was about 20 minutes, and I'd imported it as-is (after transcoding).  I couldn't edit more than 5 minutes before HitFilm froze, and I had to force it to close and restart again.  Long story short, what solved the problem was trimming the raw footage into several smaller chunks.  Once I'd done that, I didn't have a single freeze.  Give that a shot and see if it helps.

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    I've got some 15 minute clips and Hitfilm does not have a problem with those in simple tests. The Media is AVC+AAC in an MP4 file. ~35Mbps data rate. I saw Hitfilm only using 320MB of ram. Again simple tests, and close only counts in horseshoes. 


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