How do you remove from the middle of a video recording?

How do I cut (delete/remove/obliterate) a middle portion of an interview? 
A nasty squeel in the background required that we ask the question again and capture the same response. So now I'm editing and I want to cut out the squeal and unnecessary video...but how? 
I want to identify the bad part and cut it. How? (I'm frustrated 'cause my deadline is this evening and I'm new at editing video.)


  • NormanPCN
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    If your media is already on the NLE timeline, use the slice tool to cut the beginning and end of the region you want to delete and then select the sliced out part and delete it. Now move/drag the remaining right portion left so that it buts up against the edge of the remaining left portion.

    If your media is not on the NLE timeline then just use the trimmer features, e.g. in/out points, to move only the parts of the source media you want to the timeline.

  • That did it. Thanks. I had sliced the beginning and ending portions but couldn't figure out how to removed the bad section. Wasn't sure if the slice tool was right. Then a  right click and "cut."  Solved. Thanks again!

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