Trimmer Window Lag

I'm having a problem with Hitfilm 4 Express lag. I fixed it in the preview window by turning down the quality of the video, but I can't figure out how to fix it in the trimmer window. It's obviously important that the trimmer window runs smoothly, but there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it. I'm running it on a laptop with an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA graphics card. I should have plenty of power. Granted, I am trying to edit MOV files (turned to proxies in program), but since I can make the preview window run smoothly, I figured I should be able to do the same with the trimmer window.

I can't find anything anywhere online about this specific issue so I wonder if I'm missing something obvious here? It seems like I'm having the opposite problem that others have in that my preview window runs ok, but the trimmer window doesn't.

I also don't want to convert my footage because I can't afford a good converter and all the free ones are garbage in my experience. Plus, I want to edit my videos sooner rather than later and I already lost hours converting to proxy.


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    "Granted, I am trying to edit MOV files"

    MOV what? MOV is just a file format and can contain many things. My bet is you have AVC video in the MOV. AVC video is very often quite high is decode overhead. Getting a MediaInfo report of your source media should be useful.

    "(turned to proxies in program),"

    Hitfilm proxies are not designed to provide smooth timeline playback as is the typical use of the term "proxy". They have a very high I/O burden. They can make playback worse due to the I/O burden. Of course this is circumstance dependent.

    Hitfilm proxies are full quality lossless renders that make complex composites easier to playback. Given the type of effects HF can do, we can create comps that takes seconds per frame to render. Proxies really help here. They also really help with animated particle sim textures.

    If the HF proxy helps with basic media playback then great, but don't expect that to be the rule.

    For basic media playback help one transcodes to a lower overhead (decode and/or I/O) format than your source media.

    "I also don't want to convert my footage because I can't afford a good converter and all the free ones are garbage in my experience"

    I disagree with this statement that free transcoders are garbage. Can you be specific about your issues with free transcoders?

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    Note Hitfilm Express itself is a free transcoder. The Export Queue can be loaded up with your footage and converted to Cineform. 

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