How do I save in MOV

Trying to save my project to MOV. any help would be useful. 



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    You cannot on output Quicktime MOV files from Hitfilm on Windows. On Mac there may be some video types you can save in a Quicktime file.

    MOV is just a generic file container so maybe you should be more specific as to what you want.

    In Hitfilm the one format for export used for general playback is the one you really want to use. AVC/H.264 video. It is output in a MP4 file container.

    If you want an intermediate format then Hitfilm offers Cineform in an AVI file for that use. Of course there are always image sequences for intermediate use. An intermediate is something where you would export something for re-import into Hitfilm or other editor. Not final playback.


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    If you are on PC, you cannot. You would have to export Cineform, then use a third party transcoder to convert to MOV. 


    This video covers everything on import and export in Hitfilm and covers free transcoders, including MPEG Streamclip. Use the blue chapter numbers in the description to skip around. 


  • Thanks Norman, your right, MP4 is what I want. I'm new to this and when I saved my project it saved it in a .hfp. I was familiar with window movie maker back in the day and used to have to convert it with another software product. How do I save my project to MP4? I understood through reviews of this project you could do it. Thanks again. Kenny


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