Short film about an AI

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A short film about an AI and where that could lead... 

A few VFX shots but not so much, mostly grading.



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    Very nice!  I'm no expert on grading, but my gut tells me you did a great job.  The FX shots were well-integrated, though I did notice some very minor screen overlay issues in some of the early shots.  From a filmmaking standpoint, the only thing that bugged me was the ending.  It felt rather abrupt compared to the pace set by the rest of the film. Overall, though, I definitely enjoyed it.

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    I liked it a lot, but I concur with the points above. Looked lovely, but I wasn't even sure there was an ending on the first watch.

    I then went back and realised he'd spoken a single (short) word that made it an ending: the name of the AI as he answered the phone.  So, then I was: What? how did that happen, and why? What's the AI got to say that 'she' didn't just say a few minutes before? "Guess what? I've discovered Skype. How are you?"

    : just watched again and I'd missed the small "Two weeks Later" text on the screen. So...stuff happened in the interim.

    I felt it might have benefited from some some more obvious clues (there was a single, subtle hint) that the AI was as 'attached' to him as he was to 'it/her'. But that seemed a bit "Stockholm Syndrome" to me.  I was sort of expecting it to go along the "cautionary tale" lines of: once it/she could communicate with other people, she/it would get over him, zip off over the internet to explore the world and he'd be left with neither the AI or his original human girlfriend.

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    Thanks for the comments! I must say that I agree with the fact that the ending is a bit rushed but the project was on a schedule and I was running out of time so sadly the ending suffered from that. This is also one of my first more complex projects and I may have underestimated the amount of time and effort the project would take.

    It's funny that you mention that "cautionary tale" idea as that was one of the original ideas behind the script, but we decided to go with a more traditional (Doesn't really apply here though!) romance.

    On the topic of the FX shots and the overlay issues, if I recall correctly we actually added the effects in a sequential order so something tells me we got into a rhythm and jsut got better towards the end xD.

    Appreciate the commendation on the grading, spent a lot of time on that. My personal opinion is that the movie was a bit overexposed at times? I don't know if anyone agrees with me on that one.