How to use a promotion code for savings

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I wanted to move from 2017 Express to Pro. Because I already purchased some packages for Express, I was glad, that there was a promotion code, that I hoped I could use for savings. 

But when I put Pro in my Basket and wanted to check out, there was no posibility, where I can use the code. So how can I use a promotion code, and where can I check if the promo campaing is still running?

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  • Triem23
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    Your discount for prior Express add-ons should automatically apply at checkout. Normal price is $349 (USD). You should see something a bit lower depending on add-ons purchased. 

    Now, with 11 add-on packs, there are literally millions of combinations of packs one might or might not own, so those discounts aren't listed. 

    Other than whatever discounts you get for whatever add-ons you might own, there are no current promotions, sales or specials on Pro upgrades. 

  • Andy001z
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    Make sure you are logged into your account before adding to basket.