Clone Stamp and Transitions Cross Diffuse

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I have a little problem, wich I can solve with a workaround. But before I do this, I want to know if there is an easy regular way to do this.

I made two Composite Shots where I cloned out an object from the beginning to the end of the composite shot. Then in the editor timeline I connected both with a cross diffusion transission. Now there is an issue, that the object appears within the transsision and dissapears at the end of the transission. My solution is, to make both composite shots half the duration of the transission longer, shorten them in the timeline to the original length, so that the transission effect can use this part of the composite shot for the transission and my overall lenght of the whole video stays the same. Or shorten the length of the existing composite shots and make my video shorter and resync my audio. 

So my question is, if there is an easy way of editing parts of a composite shot in front or behind the end of this composite shot, so I don't have to rearrange and resync everything?  Let's say i.e. start with the clone stamp effect n frames befor the shot begins. 

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    That's not a workaround, that's exactly what you'll always have to do. A transition can only work with the pixel data present in the shots used, and if you haven't already built enough frames with the object removed then Hitfilm doesn't have the frames to do the transition, period. 

    It is common practice to build an effects shot a second or two (or three)  longer than needed if thr shot is intended for a transition anyway. 

    You can increase the duration of the Composite Shot, select everything and shift it, but yes, it will change the timing. The lesson here is for you as the artist and editor. Plan ahead, and if you're building a shot that going to need a dissolve or other transition, build it long enough to cover the transition in the first place, cuz I've been there, and retiming shots is no fun. 

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    @Triem23 this is the problem bit though: "Then in the editor timeline I connected both with a cross diffusion transission. Now there is an issue, that the object appears within the transsision and dissapears at the end of the transission. "

    There is a bug in update #2 ( Edit: Still there in update #5) with transitions where it would just ignore layer order, as I showed in my bug report #42 here: Transition Bug

    This sounds like another example of that.

    The solution there was to Proxy the files, which fixed it.

    Also, transitions can work with frames that aren't there. i.e you can cross-dissolve between the last frame of a shot and the first of the next and the transition will simply use the first and last frames and hold them for as long as required. Try a Clock Wipe to see this more easily. It can also do that with partials. I.e if you do a 2 second transition 1 second from the end of a clip it'll use 1 second of moving video and then hold the last frame for the remaining 1 second.

    What you can't do is cut something in a single, ordinary clip and then transition between those two sections. The transition will just use frames either side of the cut and it will look like there is no transition happening. It can make things like Slide, Push, Zoom, Cross Zoom etc. look interesting though. But for Dissolves, you need to do in that instance is make the two halves into separate composites, where the frame length is then frozen and it will not access frames outside the composite shot and it will do the transition by holding the first/last frames as above.

    You can't do this last trick in Vegas because you can't make composite shots in the same way to 'freeze the length'. ;)

    Edit: Well, you sort of can by making the two halves into subclips and turning off Edit>Loop on the left one, but the right one will need to have the first frame saved as an image and stuck on the front because Edit>Loop only works on the right hand edge. Easiest way is to just save two single frames from either side of the cut and transition between those. :)

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    Thank you both for your answers. 

    I think in my situation it is this bug. Even when I made the composite shots longer as needed, to give cross disolve enough material to work with, the object appears under the stamp, or the clone stamp effect itself disolves. So eventually I exported the composite shots and rearranged the resulting videos on my timline. This way the cross dissolve works fine. 

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    @AlexBoris, yes, exporting will fix it because it 'bakes in' the Effects, but that's also what I found happens when you Proxy the clip, so I think the bug is in the Viewer and not in the Exporter itself. Either Exporting or Proxying forces it to get the result right.

    As a test: export a 'broken' version and see if it's corrected or remains broken in the exported file.