Mask expansion effect

Hey everyone, I've been a bit boggled trying to recreate an effect that I've seen in a documentary called WW2 in space.

The effect that I'm talking about is shown between: 37.25-37.41

I've figured out that its essentially an expanding mask, key framed to increase over time, with maybe some feathering. The effect looks pretty cool, and I've tried it with images, and planes/ grades, but I cant seem to get it to have that firey, sparky glow on the edge as the mask expands. And also how the colour of the mask subtly changes as it expands, I would like it to look similar to this.

I'm using hitfilm 4 express, so maybe it requires some sort of particle type effect.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Feel free to ask for clarification if necessary.

Thanks for the help. 


  • Triem23
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    Long story shortish, this effect was probably done in four layers. Top layer, bottom (devastated) land. A third layer, probably similar to bottom layer with some color effects fading, and the sparkle layer. 

    You'll need multiple masks. Probably copying the original mask to your other layers and making small adjustments to position and scale will do it. 

    For the sparkle layer you'll need two masks to define a thin line on a plane layer. From there add a Noise effect, then a Crush Blacks and Whites effect to choke the noise to white dots and black BG. Add glows to taste, set blend mode to ADD. 

  • ibsahmad
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     Thanks a lot for the help Triem23 :)