Any music producers out there? Quick question

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I want to start composing music for my vlogs and just plan on using garageband (mac) so I've been searching for a midi controller. Which would you recommend between:

(Used - $78) M-Audio Oxygen 25 MKIV 

(New - $100) Nektar IMPACT LX25+ 


  • Dartanbeck
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    That sort of thing is a very personal matter to each musician. Is there a store around where you can try them out? That helps. I don't have a store nearby, so I travel an hour to the nearest Guitar Center, where they let me try stuff and answer questions, etc.,

    I got an older M-Audio 88 Keystation Pro but haven't set it up yet. It was a trade for part of the stone work I did for my singer.

    He (just a few weeks ago) bought me a brand new Alesis drum kit in trade for more stone work. Being a drummer, I'm thinking that I'll be a lot more productive scoring using my drum pads and interface to control all of my instruments than I will be using keys... but the keys, I'm sure, will also come in handy for certain things.

    Sorry, I'm no music producer... just a drummer in two rock bands whom is endeavoring to score his own movies... eventually.

    I don't have a Mac, so I tried MusicMaker a couple years ago. It's a lot of fun piecing together loops that I buy in packs, but it's not the same as making my own music. Next step will be to see if the DAW abilities of MusicMaker can fulfill my scoring needs, or if I have to go to my singer's studio and use ProTools. I see the new MusicMaker is free, then we'd just have to buy everything we want for it as far as Sound Pools (collections of loops).

    The problem with purchased music loops is that we start to hear the same riffs all over the place, so we're not being "unique" to ourselves.

    My M-Audio has 88 weighted keys and feels very much like a real piano, which helps when I do play on that. Now I just have to wrap my head around using VSTs to their full potential, which is another whole learning curve.

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    +1 per what @Dartanbeck said. When it comes to matters of any playable physical instrument, everyone has their own personal tastes in terms of feel, action, touch response, etc. For example, Dartanbeck likes the feel of the M-Audio weighted keys, while I don't. Whenever possible it's always best to actually get your hands on whatever it is you're interested in, and see how much you specifically like it or not before deciding. 

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