3d Planes

For some reason when I turn something into a 3d plane, it makes it black. I turned other images before hand and they were perfectly fine. Is there a way to fix this?


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    @Eliezerlow312 Which version of HF?

    But without knowing, I can guess that if you have a light in the scene, it may be either  behind the plane or coincident with it.  Remember the light exists in 3D space the same as the plane.

    Try this: start a new comp.   (Note: I  am using 2017 but this behavior should be universal across all versions)  Add a plane.  Then draw a mask on the plane to create a rectangular shape.  Now make the plane layer 3D.  So far so good - you should still see the rectangle.  Notice a camera has been added to the comp, as well.

    Now add a layer as a Light.  Poof! The rectangle disappears.  Now go to the transform properties of the plane and rotate in X by 25 degrees.  And the plane will reappear. 

    Why?  Because when you add a light, 3D objects in the scene will react to it as if that is the only light source.  The light is create in the same 3D space as the rectangle - at the origin 0,400,0 in x,y,z.   So that this means it is in at zero in Z and is literally coincidental with the plane and unable to light it.

    Reset your plane position and then go to the light's Transform properties and type in 300 for the Z value.  The plane will appear again.  But this time the light is in "front" of the plane.  

  • @Stargazer54 Um, its just a picture. I didn't add any artificial lights. 

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    Well, that is pretty weird then.  Unless there is a light in the scene, your 3D plane or image that you have made 3D should be illuminated exactly the same from all angles.

    Again, which version of HF are you on?