Can you Trim a video on viewer?

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Hello there, I've been editing this video for a while now and there's a bunch of clips in it and stuff I ended up cutting off. The original video was 6 minutes long and now with all the cuts it's about 3:11:00 minutes long. On my Viewer screen when I hit play it keeps on playing all the way to 6 minutes even though there isn't any more footage. I was wondering if there's a way to trim overall time since I've already trimmed the clips, the rest is just a black screen. Will that be shown in the final product of the video?


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    The NLE timeline will automatically increase in time as needed but it never shrinks and we have no manual way to make it shrink.

    Hitting play in the viewer will play to the end of the timeline. Not to the last item of content on the timeline.

    When you export you normally export the content area of the timeline. Not the whole timeline, except maybe when exporting a composite shot. In those the whole timeline is normally used.

    In Express 4 you are given choices to export the entire timeline, the content area or the in/out work area. In Pro 2017 the options are to export the content area or the work area.

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    Thank you very much! 

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