Boris Extruded Text not rendering motions

So, I am editing one of my granddaughter's Kindergarten program from yesterday and decided to play with title in Boris Extruded.  I set up for the Goldie line to spin as it slides in from the left and the black text to just fade in.  All looks like I expect in the preview but when I render only the fade in text is there??  Here's a cap of my settings if anyone can tell where I have messed up...and I know I have messed up somewhere here.


  • NormanPCN
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    Not sure I can help, but you are probably not alone. I have seen an intermittent issue, yesterday actually, with Boris during Export. Playback was fine. Specifically Boris Title Studio in Pro 2017. I had the BCC text just not show up at all in the export.

    I cannot reproduce the circumstance. I cannot say how frequent but I believe it quite infrequent as I type this right now. A close of Hitfilm and re-open normally cleaned things up. 

    I think Boris 10 is a little twitchy. Once yesterday when it was acting up, when I opened a project, Hitfilm did not think Boris was installed. HF complained about used effects not installed. I just closed Hitfilm without saving and restarted HF and all was fine. I also came across a twitch in Title Studio with some Title Studio internal keyframe(s).

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    @NormanPCN  Thanks for the answer.  I'll do a complete restart of the computer and Hitfilm to see if it changes.

    UPDATE:  Don't know what was up but that did the trick.  Thank you very much!


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    @tddavis Just keep in mind the Boris may be twitchy and when in doubt. Close HF and re-open.

    @Ady This is just an FYI tag since the tddavis report is similar to one of my support notes on FYI anomalies with Boris.