DIY LED Cinema Lights and Physical FX Tutorials!

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Hey Guys
I'm the Director of an action b-movie some of you may have seen called 'Zomblies' (100% of those muzzle flashes are fake, mostly created with FxHome Muzzleplug!)
We are now producing a series of films set underwater - and are running a KickStarter campaign to raise funds. We are giving away some great stuff to supporters including plans to build your own LED waterproof kino-flos and a series of practical Indie Action Tutorials for everything from silicone make up to compressed air cannons!
Check out the rewards video here:

And the Kickstarter page here:


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    Welcome to, guys! We've been following the progress of your project from the very start and it's looking more exciting every time you release a new update.
    Definitely keep us up to date, and if we can help out at all you know where to shout. :)
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    How can I star in one of your future films? I got some good concepts and I can hold my own on the screen!
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    Same here. We've been watching your progress with your underwater stuff and it is looking awesome! Zomblies was also a great action romp! Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.
    I found your talk about your soft lighting project very interesting indeed!
    Good luck with the funding.
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    Wow I love the originality of the underwater concept, your enthusiasm and can do attitude

    I really hope you get your funding and can go on to bigger things with the project
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    Thanks for all the support guys! Just about to record a practical effects breakdown, but for now, here is a a quick DIY lighting tutorial:
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