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Hi Guys,

Been trying to get Mocha to work and it's driving me mad, first off HF would crashing after tracking saying out of memory. Fixed by reducing size of track.

Now, after exporting a solve and opening the saved comp I have some issues.

First, I do not get my footage included. Just a new plane which is solid blue.

secondly, the saved points do not follow the solve at all.

I have now noticed that although the track was only 3 seconds long the saved comp is almost 3.5 seconds. I guess this is why the track looks out.

Anyone have a similar problem.


Cheers dave


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    Several notes. What is your source footage? I'm guessing screencap, phone or tablet. 

    This means your footage is variable frame rate, which neither Hitfilm or Mocha can handle. 

    You need to transcode your footage first. 

    The blue plane is for reference. This is normal. Either drop the footage over the track or copy the tracked camera, points and roto planes over your original comp. 

    Either way you need to transcode your footage, relink your footage in Hitfilm, and retrack. 

    Long story short, the plane in mocha is normal behavior starting in mocha 5. Previous versions reimported media, leading to multiple copies of files in your bins. 


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    It's from a GoPro, 1080 50fps

  • DiggerDave1968DiggerDave1968 Website User Posts: 10

    Thanks for the link, very informative video.

    I've checked my footage with Media Info and it's 1080 Progressive 50fps constant frame rate.

    Maybe I should try and a slower frame rate...

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