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hi guys,

Been using hitfilm for a long time and don't recall having this issue... upgraded to Latest version and having issues sizing the time line just right with the slider.  First is there a keyboard shortcut I can use to get a more precise zoom in or out of the timeline?  My issue comes into play when adding a transition from one clip to the next. You can barely see the transition being added unless you really shrink time line down.  I could swear that was not an issue before ( although I realize it had to be shrunk down a little bit with other versions but not as much as I need to now). Not a big deal and maybe I am imaging it but after hours and hours of solid use, I can tell the difference, at least in my mind :)

thanks for any input.



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    There is no reasonable zoom control in Hitfilm. All methods do the same thing.

    Timeline zoom in Hitfilm is FUBAR. More than half of the zoom levels are devoted to timeline widths of 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds on a default 5 minute timeline on a 1920x1200 monitor with the timeline using the full app window width. The difference in zoom from one level to the next is often only one or two frames which is illogical and useless.

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    Yes, it does suck pretty badly.

    With a 5 min timeline: one CTRL-clickroll of the mouse wheel shrinks the timeline indicator from the full bar to 1/10th of the bar. Then the next click to 1/3 of that, then the next 8 clicks shrinking it down to about 1/2 of that 1/3 size, sloooooowly. 

    It's like it's using something like an inverse square curve, which is quite awkward to use. Some adjustment ability in Options would be nice.

    Doesn't seem to have changed recently though. I got the same results with the same file in HF2E and HFP2017.


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    Thanks  for the response .  I'd say that something that needs to be fixed in the next update somehow.