"MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 3G"

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So, I have an opportunity to pick up one of these video cards for $200CAN, taxes in [ie. the equivalent of a $178.59 pretax price where I live].

I realize that in the YouTube video about computer hardware, a recommended card is a GTX 1070 - would the "GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 3G" be an acceptable card to use with Hitfilm?


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    Yeah, I use a 970 and it runs smooth.

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    A 1060 is a good card, and that's a good price. 

    With Nvidia cards there are a whole bunch in that generation's series. X20, x30, x40, x50, x60, x70, x80. 

    The only three in a generation one should look at are the x60, x70 and x80--anything else is underpowered (a 940 is half the speed of a 580, for example, and the 580 is four years older.)

    The 1070 is recommended as the x70 is usually the sweet spot card for power/performance ratio, but the 1060 is a solid card that benches about 15% faster than a 970. At the price you're getting the 1060 at, your 1060 is under the average street price of the 970. I say good buy.