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@joshdaviestweeted out while at the SyncNorwich that he was far from ideally prepared due to robbery yesterday?

Firstly hope all is OK. Secondly personal or office robbery, and if office hope your BTS office video didn't give someone ideas.


PS: Didn't see the reply's thread on the tweet, but it seems it was Josh that got robbed of his portal equipment and his HTCvive. Sorry to here that Josh.


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    Josh's Facebook said it was his residence. Beyond that, I'll let the man speak for himself. 

  • IamJoshuaDavies
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    Thanks guys, everything is fine.

    Unfortunately, some people did break into my home and take a load of stuff - things which were easy to grab and make money from. The worst part is the damage which was done to the house - it is pretty old, and it is sad to see it broken.

    But we will rebuild, I am insured, and nobody was there, and nobody was hurt. All-in-all it could have been much worse, and everyone I know has been amazing at helping to get things back to normal. :)

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    Glad to hear that nobody was hurt by these criminals who refuse to obey the commandment:

    Thou shalt not steal!

    All the best @JoshDaviesCEO and hoping psychologically you are OK.  And please setup solid security cameras and alarms.

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    @JoshDaviesCEO  You have my sympathies as well.  As someone who was in your position a year ago when a ton of my collectibles were stolen from a storage unit, I know there is a bit of psychological pain that comes with being robbed of your things like that.

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    @JoshDaviesCEO never a nice experience (fingers crossed so far not been hit). Maybe you should get that snake pit that @Kirstie was talking about recently moved to your home (evil grin).

    All the best.


  • man o man that is terrible, i hate to see good folks lose gear through theft because it cost bucks from your hard work. i have had mates of mine robbed during a "camera" shoot in a city.  a van pulled up and held everyone up and drove off with equipment. its just another level of the word shoot. i have been in places where its not considered a robbery unless you actually get shot.  we work so hard and these goons just walk and take. glad you are ok