What is a good program to complement Hitfilm if I want to create 2D animated graphics?

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What is a good program to complement Hitfilm if I want to create 2D animated graphics? Things like animated loading bars, UI elements.

I am looking for Indie or Freemium price solutions.


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    @lelcat If you want super cheap, Its not the full version of photoshop but its something at least...Photoshop Elements 15!  

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     @lelcat  @Aidan at DigitalBlast did a vid a couple of weeks ago about using hitfilm for this that I though was a brilliant idea...(I mean, who knew!)  Here's a link to the video.


    It lends itself more to the South Park style animation but brilliant none-the-less.

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    GIMP is an excellent, free, paint program: https://www.gimp.org/

    Krita is an excellent, free paint program: https://krita.org/en/

    PD Dogwaffle Howler is an excellent, cheap paint and animation program: http://www.thebest3d.com/howler/10/index.html

    For UI elements, don't overlook the tools in Hitfilm itself.

    AgArtsCo has this tutorial on creating shape graphic in Hitfilm that ore very useful for UI elements and loading bars:

    Tooshka Training has several tutorials on creating animated UI/HUD elements in Hitfilm:

    This tutorial from Majahr Pictures:

    And, while I haven't done any tutorials on these, the following three videos of element tests are pretty much 100% Hitfilm (except for the Tie Pilot's console, which is a screengrab)

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    I use HitFilm + Blender + Gimp :)

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I already have Photoshop and I am using it for animated UI things, but I was wondering if there is a more specialized solution avaialable. Animating primitive shapes with keyframes with just photoshop and Hitfilm seems so ghetto.

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    Lelcat, I could point out some VideoCopilot tutorials on creating HUD elements, but, honestly, they're the exact techniques as the tutorials I've already linked. Closest thing to HUD generating software would be Ae template packs, which are a bunch of premade elements made in Photoshop animated in Ae.

    This is exactly the kind of mograph work these programs were designed to do! 

    Btw, those green vector-ish landscapes I made above took about three minutes each. I had the idea and made a quick test. Neither of them actually had the effort put in to look fantastic. 

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    I think I should specify my question more. I would like to animate visualizations of spreadsheets and statistics. Animated charts and the like.

    Full 3d work seems weird and just using photoshop feels so ghetto.

    Would one these flash or vector animation programs be a solution?

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    Well if spreadsheets, statistics and charts are what you want to animate have you considered PowerPoint? You can export stills and animations can be extracted as WMV's.

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    @lelcat Basically what you are talking about is creating x.y.z data and transposing that to a "motion" file for an object.  Yes this can be done, but your motion file has to be ASCII editable so you can cut/past out of Excel (for example) into the ASCII motion file.  I've done that in a Lightwave motion file.

    Right now that is not available in HF (AFAIK).  But . . . there may come a day when  that is an option.  Ironically,  an .hfp file is ASCII editable, but it would be difficult to figure out where to jam in your motion data.