Mocha Hitfilm Crashes When Changing Matte Layer

VespillVespill Website User Posts: 57

I was working on a project on Hitfilm Pro 2017's Mocha plugin. I had multiple track layers ready for camera solving. I selected all of them, and clicked on the dropdown menu for the option "Matte Layer". When I click on this, Hitfilm immediately crashes. I've tried four times already but with the same results. This does not happen if you only select one track layer, however.

Reproducible Steps:

  1. Open a clip to solve with mocha
  2. Create multiple track layers of various planes
  3. Select all layers (SHIFT+click on layers)
  4. Find option for Matte Layer
  5. Click on dropdown menu
  6. Crash. 

Or does it crash? Please leave a comment if this happens to you as well.


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