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Hello, everyone.

I'm trying to decide between Moho 12, Crazytalk animator 3, and Hitfilm pro 2017. I will mostly be doing 2D animations and short cartoons (that is my goal at least). That makes me lean towards Moho or Crazytalk. However, I am also interested in stop motion and occasionally do short projects with people as well (mostly editing things for family and friends).

Up to now I have been using FCPX on a mac, (haven't been doing any animation), but my macbook pro is old and isn't doing well. I can't see me buying one of the new macs as I don't think they are a good value. Besides, after Apple stopped supporting Aperture, I don't have a lot of faith in their software side. I have a windows system that I game on, so was interested in an editing solution for windows. I tried adobe CC and Vegas pro, but neither felt right after coming from FCPX. 

The thing is, funds are relatively limited for something I do as a hobby, and I will only be able to buy one piece of software (another nail in the adobe coffin). I came across someone who did a semi-animated commercial on the forums, but there wasn't much in the way of cartoon animation. It was more like stop motion and cutouts. However, Hitfilm does have an amazing particle system, which I would use sometimes. 

Does anyone know if you could upload a drawn image to deform and move it using keyframes in such a way that it works like a regular cartoon? Maybe at least like one of those rubber band-esque animations that programs like Crazytalk and Moho do?

As a side note; I wish every NLE and effects software would steal the skimming feature of FCPX. That is the one feature that I truly love about it. Sure some programs now allow you to skim in the preview, but I haven't seen anything that lets you skim the timeline too, at least without having to click and drag.


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    Take a look at this thread and see what the original poster says about HF vs Moho and view a Hitfilm video largely done in cutout animation. @karma can give an opinion from experience.

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    Well the short answer is get all three! It's rare to find a single program that does everything you want and no matter what you decide now you'll end up adding to your tool set at some point. Obviously it's very expensive to get all three and probably unrealistic so.......

    HitFilm Express is free and while the Pro demo has some limitations it isn't time limited so you can really put it through the paces to see if it's something you want before buying it. 

    There's also some good free 2D animation packages out there so you might want to see if one fits at least some of your needs and wants before making a decision.

    OpenToonz  is the open source version of the software Studio Ghibili uses. (they did Princess Mononoke)

    Synfig Studio is also open source and seems to have a loyal following.

    Pencil2D is open source and focuses on hand drawn animation


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    Thanks to both of you. That link was actually the forum post I read. Unfortunately I don't want to do cutout animation if I can help it. 


    I will I'll look into those free 2d options as well. I think I'll try them all out and see if one clicks with me.

  • I'd recommend getting Moho Pro 12 with HitFilm Express.

    If you want to do more than just cut-out animation, Moho Pro has nice vector based animation capabilities that are made much better with Smart Bones. It also has particles and a physics engine for bones and shapes. You can also do cut-out and frame-by-frame animation.

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    I would recommend  moho pro 12 as well  if you just doing 2 animation.

    I have used   Crazytalk animator 2 before and just don't like they way it works.  As far as Hitfilm for 2d animation  it does works  but it just more time consuming to set up and to animate.  Hitfilm is so close to been a great alternative for 2d  cut out animation but there are some key features missing.  But  it still is my go to software for almosteverything I do.