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Hi everyone,
I was wondering why fxhome has quit selling video stock footage and picture back drops?? Hitfilm is powerful, but does not have the video stock footage that I use. Anyway, anyone let me know where to find the fxhome stock footage at? Tube tape does not carry it anymore. Thanks, Chad


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    If I'm not mistaken, the FXhome stock was the same as the NCCinema stock. Which is made by Sollthar from Fxhome.
  • What do you mean that Hitfilm doesn't have the video stock footage that you use? Stock footage can be imported into any compositing program, including Hitfilm, so if you already have stock footage, you should be able to use it no problem.
    But yes... the stock footage sold on is indeed the same as the NCCinema stock, so you can still purchase it over there. :)
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