Best strategy for sharpening & denoise?

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what would be the best strategy for sharpening and denoising my clips? Is there a good standard workflow available? Any tutorials? So far I found a lot of tutorials using AE and unsharp mask. Is the same also available in Express?

sorry for the many questions but this seems to be a rather complex topic in contrast to image sharpening 


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    HitFilm 4 Express has Sharpen and Unsharpen (unsharp mask) but denoising requires the Repair Pack. It's one of the expensive packs but it includes a bilateral blur, grain removal, audio Noise Reduction and Denoise for serious video noise reduction. 

    As far as a workflow goes it's going to depend on the type and quantity of noise you're dealing with plus whatever else you might be doing with a clip. As you already noted it is more complex and sometimes the answer is just keep fiddling around with things until you get a result you can live with. 

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    Thanks Aladdin4d. Are you aware on any tutorial how to apply Unsharp Mask?

  • I can't find the 'Analyze' button when trying to use the denoise function. can you tell me where that his please?

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    It may not look like an obvious button but just click the word analyze in the right side of the first line of the effect controls list. After the initial analysis, more controls will become available.


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    Neptunos. In general Denoise near the beginning of the chain, before other effects. Otherwise, other effects run the risk of enhancing existing noise, before you try to squash it.

    Sharpening comes near the end of color correction, before color grading. 

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    @Butchersnook Once you apply Denoise twirl it open to access the controls and analyze should be near the top of the list.

    @Neptunos I thought this had posted before but apparently it didn't take.......sorry about that.

    • Radius affects the size of the edges to be sharpened. Fine details need a smaller radius and a a higher radius will target large scale details. A really high radius will cause halos
    • Amount Think of this as how much contrast is added at the edges. It controls how much darker or lighter the edge borders will be. 
    • Threshold is a little harder to explain. The whole unsharp process involves making a copy of the original, applying a gaussian blur to the copy then comparing it to the original. If there's a difference pixel to pixel between the two images greater than the threshold value then the images are blended with subtract mode at those pixels. Threshold sets an exclusion limit on the number of pixels ultimately affected. 
  • I'm sorry, but what does twirl it mean?


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    Twirl means open, click, drop down...etc

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