Smoke cloud speed



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    Out of curiosity, are you on Pro or Express? This changes available options. 

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    @Kadri Oh, wow!  Thanks for pointing me to the area.  I never caught that at all and that's even after I went back to look after you first mentioned it.  I haven't a clue what went down there.  I'll have to investigate that for sure.  On a guess, I'd say it has to do with the shift of the background plate when I moved the camera down and rotated it for the upward shot like the original.  I had to tweak that layer in that corner specifically because it kind of tapered upward after the rotate and let a black checkerboard show right there.  

    @Triem I am using HF Pro4

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    @Kadri  I went into the file and once I knew what to look for it was quite obvious what I did.  I did not get the frame square with the scene when I moved it.  I never even noticed the blue line that marked the edge of it.  Thanks again.

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    Just got my new GTX 1060 6GB card and rendered my little crash again and WOW!  It took an almost 3 hour render time down to 13 minutes.  Might have been uber expensive but the frustration factor is way down waiting to see what the changes to the project look like.  The preview still has a bit of jumpiness to it even though I am set at one quarter but it's not as bad.  Instead of making 6 or second jumps on pre-viz it's down to about 2 second jumps. Overall I am pleased with the upgrade and now if my skills will upgrade proportionally I'll be ecstatic.

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    @tddavis Congrats on the new card!  Will be interested in how you get on with it on future projects.

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    My crash creation needed some more tweaks and I was able to make changes and get things moved around and render it about 6 - 8 times since I posted 3 hours ago and take time off to watch a little TV.  So yeah, it's doing great for me and I'm still not sure about all the settings to make sure I'm using it to optimum advantage.  Followed that tutorial and the sandstorm and got a fairly rough base for it.  Then I found some inexpensive desert terrains at TurboSquid to create a desert floor.  So I hope to be compositing it all together in the next week or so.  My last area of learning will be to figure out particle system for the sand spray when the saucer hits and slides.

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    Looking forward to seeing what you come with!

    But never underestimate the power of practical effects.  I had a project one time where we needed realistic smoke.   I could have spent weeks perfecting the effect with a particle system, but I looked at the producer and said, Lets shoot the "real thing".

    We put dry ice in a bucket, dropped a little water in and shot the vapor cloud as it emerged over a black background in studio.  Then cropped and flipped it in post.   It worked great.

    A couple of hours in the studio saved countless days experimenting with the particle system to find the "right" look.

    In your case I wonder if you could do something similar with a sandbox and throwing an object in at an oblique angle? 

    On the other hand you're using this as a learning exercise.   I'll shut up now.  Carry on.

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    Oh, that I could do it that way.  To get the slow slide in the sand that I envision in my mind's eye, I think I would have to shoot at a super high frame rate so it would look really good slowed down and neither of my 2 little cameras are that high end.  As a teenager, I always wanted to shoot miniatures with my Super 8 mm camera, but alas it only got used for family stuff.  Which, don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have those now, but my magnum opus never got made so I am vicariously trying to recreate that feeling with this newfangled technology...Oh, and use it as a learning experience as you say.  I might try the sandbox idea just to see what kind of possible shot can be achieved that way.  I wonder if it would possible to use an object painted Kelly green (closest match I have found to green screen) and zoom in tight on the front and use a stick or something out of frame to push it into the sand at a speed that would appear faux slo mo then use a particle effect to get the sand blowing up around it?  Might be fun just for the learning value of it.

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