Missing Color Effects in Ignite and Express? Any Others? (Resolved)

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Color Map, Color Cycle and Color Phase (In HF4 Pro) are missing from the Ignite pack and they're also not available as Plugins for Hitfilm 4 Express, which is weird, as the manual for Express (I know it's basically an edited Pro manual...) says:

"A range of gradients and fills are provided. These can be extremely useful when used in conjunction with other effects, such as color map or shatter."

There are no further references to Color Map, Color Cycle or Color Phase in the Express manual.

They're also not easily searchable terms in the Pro manual, although they do come up under a heading Color_2, which has Bleach Bypass as the top reference and scrolling down: they're all explained.

So, two questions:
1) Why aren't they available for Express, and what else isn't - apart from the known 3D models and Atomic Particles and 1080p limit.

Is there a comparison list somewhere?

2) Why aren't they in Ignite? I thought that was supposed to contain almost all of the Effects in Pro, so you could go back and forth between other programs and maintain continuity as much as possible.


  • Triem23
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    @Palacono I haven't stepped through and done the full comparison, but, besides 3D models and the particle sim, there are 12 effects exclusive to Pro. Seems, Colors Map, Cycle and Phase are three of them. :-) 

    I think the total effects filters in Hitfilm Pro is about 180 with 147 in Hitfilm Ignite (I wish Grading Transfer was in Ignite). That's about 83%, so that's close enough to "almost all" for marketing.

    As far as the "why?" That's a question for staff. 

  • Palacono
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    I know some of them are too 'built in' or have weird dependencies to make into Effects for Ignite, but they don't seem like those are too complicated and their removal from Express has no obvious reason.

    But, if you're going to make a feature of how much more the Pro version does than the Express version to encourage upgrades... where's the checklist/comparison page? :)

    Then again, I always wondered why Sharpen and Unsharpen weren't there in the Plugins that came with Hitfilm 3 Pro - I'm reduced to using the Sony versions in Sony Movie Studio. I guess you are too in Vegas.

  • Triem23
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    There is a comparison chart page, but damned if I can find it today. 

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    I'll make a note to update that bit in the manual for accuracy, thanks @Palacono. As far as certain effects not being included in Ignite, usually it has to do with what is compatible with the host application. I'm not certain with regard to those three effects, but I can look into it.

  • Palacono
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    @AxelWilkinson Thanks, and I saw that 'comparison', but it's not really a comparison. :)

    I've actually only used Color Phase once anyway, but it sure did the job in a Hitfilm 3 Pro project. ;)

  • NormanPCN
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    The Blur effect is not in Ignite.

    I assumed this was left out because most any host will have a Blur effect native and is thus redundant. I assume that is true for any supported NLE, however NewBlue Titler Pro does not have a native Blur and once I wished Ignite had exported its Blur effect to use in TP4. What I wanted was a horiz blur on text.

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