VR + Slider = Win?

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I was wondering if there was a way to connect a smartphone to my DSLR which is a Canon 600D.

What I had in mind was to use a smartphone as a screen in VR mode like this product allows for: here

I'm currently using my slider with this: here

Now a cool way to work (I thought), was to output the video (no controls needed) to the smartphone, and have a lot more control while moving the slider in various angles. I feel like I would be more creative and immersed in my work this way.

Has anyone heard of something like it? A Google search showed no results, perhaps a english word I'm missing for something exactly like it?

Hopefully it's a very easy solution, literally have a smartphone in your face and that's all I'll need. I know my DSLR is quite old so hopefully it's not limited to output to it's own screen.



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    The closest thing I can think of is DSLR Controller. It uses a USB OTG adapter  to connect an android device to a Canon DSLR. I'm not sure how the app will do for VR though because it's mainly for controlling the camera. Here's an article covering the high points.  Supposedly you can rig up a WiFi adapter too.

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    Thanks @Aladdin4d

    Perhaps it doesn't have to be VR? I assumed it had to be because of the specific headsets are designed that way. 

    From the looks of it, this app seems to be what I need, just gotta shove the phone in my face and I should be good. :)

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    If you want a viewfinder, get a nexus 7 tablet for $100 bucks they have hdmi input. 7in screen and a great display :) 


    Not sure what VR meant haha.

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    I don't know the true definition either, I may have confused it with something else. I don't see how it would be important at all to have a seperate display for each eye. Now researching it a bit, I'm worried about screen door effect.

    I'll look into the Nexus 7, thanks for the recommendation! :)


    Off topic: My slider is broken, I hit it and now it has a dent in it, noooooooooooooooooo!

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    I have a tablet mounth with 1.4 in female screw slot so i can attach it to my mounts :)

    Camera, led light, Zoom h5, and a nexus. I believe the total weight is under 5 lbs.

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    Sounds like you really just want anything you can use as an external monitor. A little Google-fu will show you solutions ranging from cables to go into certain mobile devices to Bluetooth/wifi modules for mobile devices and laptops thru to pro monitors (with focus peaking and scopes, which are useful to have) 

    There are monitor/recorder combos on the market like the Atomos Ninja Blade and Shogun, but the one that *I* freakin' want right now (and I'll sell my other monitor to help fund it) is this Blackmagic number. 


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    If your on a budget I highly recommend hdmi. Wireless option have lag and in my opinion, lag ruins the purpose of live feedback.

    There are wireless solutions that have negligible lag but they will cost more that I bet your camera costs... at least in my case haha. 

    However if you are inovative...