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  • TriFlixFilms
    TriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 924 Just Starting Out*

    Touching the mouse/keyboard should NOT stop the Timeline from playing. Do you know how frustrating it is to be editing aduio but you can't hear the results in live time. I am about to break my spacebar from all the unnecessary hits it has to take hahaha

  • TriFlixFilms
    TriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 924 Just Starting Out*
    edited July 2016

    @NormanPCN and  @BluetheFox in Apple Motion 5 there is actually a property you can add to ANYTHING the allow scale or various other parameters to be influenced by other things such as audio, brightness, ect...

    Long story short you apply the effect and set it Track Audio and pick bass, trebble or mids and how the scale should be impacted (grow or shrink).

    Great for music, lyric, or just visually pleasing videos :)

    I hope HF5P adds this...

  • Deweak
    Deweak Website User Posts: 174 Enthusiast

    One of my employments is to work on big modular video mapping systems like Dataton Watchout or Modulo Pi. In these environments, you can spread huge animations on multiple video projectors for video shows, and the graphics designers sometimes work on 10000 pixels wide or more animations. It should be great to break the 4K limit of the projects canvas, even if the output files need to be cropped to 4K. So you could create large animations in one time and pick each zone you want to render. 

  • Deweak
    Deweak Website User Posts: 174 Enthusiast

    I think you can use several copies of a central camera to create something like a video wall and get a bigger output made of multiple hd files, but you'll have paralax issues when working with 3D objects and effects. Another solution would be to use several cameras with a common origin and then orient each copy so the images edges perfectly match.

    But there is no "easy way" like a bigger canvas size and cropping routine for outputs :)

  • TechnicalFilmBuff
    TechnicalFilmBuff Website User Posts: 7
    edited June 2017

    I'm a young aspiring filmmaker and I've been following the Hitfilm community for awhile now. I haven't actually bought any of FXHome's products, yet. But I'm hoping to in the near future. For now, I've been editing and doing all of my VFX work on Hitfilm 4 Express and Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5. I, however, have been trying out the demo version of Hitfilm 4 Pro and wrote down some features I think would be awesome for the next official release of Hitfilm. 

    - 3D Camera presets for camera type (IMAX, Full Frame, Super 35, APSC, MFT, Super 16, Super 8, etc.) focal length, and aperture.

    - Updated 3D model workflow and interface with new additional features for more realistic renders. And maybe some built-in, basic, 3D models (planes, cubes, squares, etc.) materials and presets for more customizability.

    - Updated Particle Simulator with new effects builder containing pre-made presets.

    - Title safe grid in project viewer

    - Lens flare builder

    - Audio Syncing [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

    - Audio Track Mixer, displays, and effects for better and professional sound design. [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

    - Masks in Editor (Mask Tracking?)

    - Grade Layers in Editor

    - VideoScopes (Histogram, Levels, and VectorScope) [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

    - Multiple Editing Timelines/Sequences.

    - Film Emulation plug-in with presets for camera type, profile and film stock.

    - Film Looks plug-in containing premade presets.

    - Compatibility with more 3rd party plug-ins, and or software.

    - Time remapping

  • TriFlixFilms
    TriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 924 Just Starting Out*

    Library tab so we can search through our personal assets faster than searching and importing everytime

  • The_Vision
    The_Vision Website User Posts: 1

    My suggestion would be a grade layer counteract feature. Then when you have a grade over multiple layers, and there's one layer that you don't want to have the grade, but it can't go above it, you could put this effect on it and the grade would automatically go away for that layer.

  • HairyPothead
    HairyPothead Website User Posts: 1

    Better Audio support! Specially FLAC

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,595 Ambassador

    Ah, an "Apply Button" in the 3D model Material setup to throw current material settings into a scene in progress. Yes, I did spend three hours tonight adjusting textures on a model, why do you ask?

  • myrv
    myrv Website User Posts: 5

    I would love to see FCPX style skimming in both clips and timeline.

  • VisualMedia
    VisualMedia Website User Posts: 1

    - timeline with name available in project file
    - more timelines in the same project with possibility to have nested ones
    - send entire timeline to composite
    - basic text available in edit mode
    - keyframes for effects available in edit mode (not just in composite)
    - show effects available with GPU accelaration

  • MrPure
    MrPure Website User Posts: 10
    edited August 2016

    *True PBR shader/material, most importanly Mappable Rougness/Shiness channel, for blurred reflections. This is standard in todays Game engines and also Element 3D. Speculars is less realistic.

    *Real time Screen space reflections that also connects to above

    *HDR Environment maps, for use instead of speculars and important to get nice shiny surfaces. again Element 3D has this.

    *FBX import for Cameras and nulls, To be able to import Cameras from Cinema 4D, Maya and Modo etc.

  • EvilDaystar
    EvilDaystar Website User Posts: 301 Enthusiast
    edited August 2016

    For Audio

    Better presentation of wave form to help with audio synch.


    Right now, it is impossible to visually line up scratch audio with external audio in the timeline. This should be a quick fix by simply changing how the wave form is represented. more could be done of course but just making the wave form easier to see would be a huge help.

    As it stands right now, I need to load up the tracks that I need to align in another editor (like Sony Vegas) to properly synch my audio and then export that out to import it into HitFilm ... I shouldn't need a second editor.

    Being able to see an overlay of the two audio wave forms as I attempt to align them (as an external window with overlay-ed segments showing brighter) would be AWESOME but I'll settle with being able to see the wave forms at all.

    Really that's my one major gripe about HitFilm, everything else is amazing or a minor nuisance. I'm coming from Sony Vegas and I'm playing with Express right now (editing a wedding video and two music videos) and considering purchasing either some add-ons (Starter, Colorist and Repair) or biting the bullet and getting the full version.

  • WhiteCranePhoto
    WhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 923 Enthusiast

    Yeah... I'm really hoping for some audio improvements as well. I'd like to be able to use HitFilm to edit more stuff directly, especially for quick turnaround projects where I have a need for some mograph. Instead,  I've been doing this sort of thing in either LightWorks or Resolve.

  • AramM
    AramM Website User Posts: 155 Enthusiast

    An option to manually tell HitFilm to interpret clips as "data level" (0-255), "video levels" (16-235) or "Sony, we-like-to-mess-with-you levels" (16-255).

    My guess is that it currently selects automatically and I have seen information loss in the highlights really often (Resolve gets it wrong really often too).

  • eTV
    eTV Website User Posts: 44

    I would like to see the updated name of an object in the list of layers. Ok, so what do I mean here... If you have a composite shot, and then add another by Ctrl+Shift+N. Insert composite shot 1 into composite shot 2. Now, in the media panel, change the name of composite shot 1 to "test". In the layer list, Composite shot 1 (as the name) is still showing. 

    One might think that this is not a huge thing, but since you have the possibility to rearrange the shown order of the composite shots around the time line - it then is impossible to know (without double clicking on the composite shot in the layer list) if Test corresponds to Composite shot 1, or something completely else (especially when you have multiple composite shots).

    If you instead create a new composite shot - name this one "Test2", and then insert it into another composite shot, the "Test2" is displayed in the layer list. Meaning that the name displayed in the layer list is the one once it was added, then it never changes.

    I would like that the name in the layer list changed at the same time as it is changed in the Media panel.

  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,245 Staff

    Being able to use different names for different instances of the same asset is am important function, eTV, so this is by design. 

  • eTV
    eTV Website User Posts: 44

    Ok - then I am wondering the following, how do you change the name of a composite shot (shown in the layer list) after it was added?

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,595 Ambassador

    @eTV In Hitfilm 4 Express and Pro there is a "Cog/Gear" icon near the bottom left of the layer stack. This is the Properties select for the current Timeline. From here you can rename the active composite shot as well as change it's duration, frame rate and resolution.

    A Composite shot that's been embedded in another Composite Shot as a media layer can be renamed like any other media clip--by right-clicking it in the layer stack and selecting Properties, or by left-clicking it in the layer stack and hitting F2

  • eTV
    eTV Website User Posts: 44

    Thank you @Triem23. It's me that is not thinking of the obvious. Of course, that is how you change the name in the layer stack.

    Ok - then this is my wish for a change (I know... I am persistent ).

    Let's say that you have three composite shots, with their default naming. You embed Composite shot 1 in Composite shot 2. After this is done, you change the name in the layer stack to "Background plate". The name of the Composite shot 1, is unchanged. Now embed this into Composite shot 3.

    After this is done, change the name of Composite Shot 1 to "Raw background" by using the "Cog/gear" icon. 

    Since the embedded Composite shot 1 in the Composite shot 2 already has its name changed - I would expect nothing to happen with this one. But all other places where Composite Shot 1 is used; e.g. Composite shot 3 - I would expect a change of the name.

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,421 Enthusiast

    Some popup info box when media is imported that it has multiple audio tracks and only one of them will be used by Hitfilm. Until such time as it can deal with all of them, of course, perhaps by creating separate audio assets in the media panel.

  • BriRedd
    BriRedd Website User Posts: 97 Just Starting Out*

    Taking a quick break from a project with many overlapping layers to suggest this:

    Please! In the name of all that's fair and kind - add layer locks!! Please!!

  • AndreasFrankeSL
    AndreasFrankeSL Website User Posts: 3

    Multicam Editing with more than 4 Cams and synchronising by audio. Oh man, this is essential for recording live events (concerts).

  • JacksonGary
    JacksonGary Website User Posts: 29 Just Starting Out

    I often find myself wishing there was a Puppet Tool, like in after effects. It would make a huge difference!

  • WhiteCranePhoto
    WhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 923 Enthusiast


    And now that I have a Dragon I'm once again keen on Redcode support... :)

    Oh, and VR!

    I did a composite with HitFilm over the weekend for an experimental VR short... had to do it in the oddball flat view rather than spherical, but it worked. Would love to have a Scratch-like equirectangular projection view... :)


  • seaniepie01
    seaniepie01 Website User Posts: 12

    HitFilm Pro is now version 4 and, despite several requests and pounds/dollars provided, the preset library is still woefully pathetic in comparison to what we had in Effects Lab Pro. This distresses me so much. The particle library was what made your software so good especially for muzzle flash and smoke effects. As a priority over everything else, why can no-one transpose the particle library from ELP to HFP and then make them available for us? 5 Years of asking. I don't think I'll be wasting another penny on this ware until you get this in order. And still no PSD layer support. Close to useless. When I paid into the kickstarter for Hitfilm for the Mac the promise was to have it as Effects Lab Pro on a Mac again. We've not even got close! Help me see what we have invested in. 

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,995 Just Starting Out
    edited August 2016

    @Triem23 @Aladdin4d @NormanPCN

    You could probably answer @seaniepie01 question.

    Have you checked out the preset market place created by @inScapeDigital?

    My guess though is that this is a licensing issue. I doubt formats proprietary to Adobe is just going to be handed out to people for free. Businesses are a business to make money, friends are just a way to make more money, but why would they help other software developers that are believe it or not directly competing with their products After Effects and Premiere Pro?

    I have no doubt in my mind that there's no better community than HitFilm when it comes to helping people figure out problems they've encountered.

    Adobe on the community side and YouTube side are taking the lazy route, and they're many times a bigger company, that should tell you something about the dedication of the small team which FXHome are, that they're even able to compete!

    That's how I see it, please enlighten me. Looking forward to hearing your opinions. :)

  • AlexB17
    AlexB17 Website User Posts: 1
    edited August 2016

    Is there any chance to get support for MKV files for the PC version?

  • CrazyMinnowMike
    CrazyMinnowMike Website User Posts: 2

    I agree with Already Taken, a hotkey for the Rate Stretch Tool would be great.

  • HitFilmer255943
    HitFilmer255943 Website User Posts: 16
    edited September 2016

    I just started a thread requesting Anamorphic DoF and then noticed this thread, I'm sorry about that!

    Here's the request I would (desperately) love adding to your list :

     I would also like to add my support for the 'VST Effects' request.


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