"The Media file could not be loaded"

I try to import a audio file into hitfilm in which it says "The Media file could not be loaded". But when I try to use a file type that is the exact same and pretty much the same length (like 1 min) and it works. I need help please!


  • Ady
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    @OSwordzgt - Sorry you are having trouble with the software, but we are going to need more information on what type of files you are using?

    It's highly possible that one file is using an entirely different codec to another despite being in the same container. If you could let us know what type of file you are using that would be a big help. If you are on a PC & unsure of what codec your file is using, then download a program called MediaInfo.

    Use it to analyze the media file and re-post the result in this thread. 


  • OSwordzgt
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    Ah wait don't worry, Some how the file i used had some kind of embeded copyright thing which prevented it from loading, Used audacity re export the sound, then just gave credit as to how it was written. 

    Thanks for the reply though.

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