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just asking on one of my channels on youtube (legobros124) we do stop frame with lego like froi productions. i was woundering if you could add an option that when you add media to the media tab, where else, could you make it possible to add a folder or video editing option to make the frames really short so that you don't have to go through each individual frame? @-)


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    You should be importing as an image sequence, not as individual frames. Click on the arrow next to Import, choose Impoirt Image Sequence, and navigate to the folder containing your images. Choose the framerate you want them to play back at, and you have one video file of all the frames combined. Done. :)
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    Yup, that's exactly what I do too, saves me a lot of time. VisionLab already had that feature, and I was incredibly glad that it found it's way into HitFilm too! :)
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