Watch my Video and let me know your comments


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    I skimmed through it without audio, the color grading and framing of shots is excellent! Great work, plan on watching it with audio when I get home :)

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    The cut from when she first leaves her laptop to when she begins to walk towards the railing is a little odd to me.

    I would of loved seeing her walk towards the camera, as in you record her walking towards you, while staying in focus. When she gets to the railing, I would love to see what she's pointing at coming in focus as well.

    My second suggestion is to have her walk into focus from the laptop to the railing, and then from when she points, have the angle come from her brother up to her, taking focus from the railing to the brother, then cut to the peep hole.

    I will try to watch the whole thing when I have time, so sorry for the poor explanation if you don't understand what I ment.

    And, maybe you would have to use masking for that one, but I don't want to sound too rude, and with my broken english it can be hard to get my point across...

    But these small details are to me the difference between a good and bad movie, because it's so noticeable to me. That is, I have studied filmmaking, so I'm certainly more sensitive to it than friends and family who never studied filmmaking.

    If you want I can instead just leave a final rating of what I thought of the movie, as soon as I have time to finish it. 1-10 for editing, acting, and so on?