Unable to import videos into HitFilm 4 Express or HitFilm 2 Ultimate (Resolved)

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When I import mov files off of my camera onto my hard drive, I can watch them fine. However when I import them into hitfilm it says the file cannot be found, and that I must install apple quicktime. So, I installed apple quicktime, but i'm still getting the same issue and nothing has changed. Hitfilm still says to install quicktime (even though I now have it installed), and I still cannot import videos. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Also I am using hitfilm on a pc running windows 10...



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    Could be an issue with the codec. Install the Avid codec and (if you shoot with a DSLR) convert it with MPEG Streamclip to and DNxHD format.

    Search this forum for an older post on the Avid codec and MPEG Streamclip or do a Google search. There are free downloads availabe.

    Personally I do the conversion step with Davinci resolve where I also apply a utility LUT because I use the Technicolor Cinestyle for Canon DSLR's. From there I go to Hitfilm.

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    After installing Quicktime you need to reboot your computer for the Quicktime installation to fully take effect for an NLE like Hitfilm.

    If your .MOV files are typical DSLR like files you can also rename the file extension from .mov to .mp4 and you will not need Quicktime and you will get better playback performance. This is *IF* the .mov files are using the proper codecs. AVC for video and PCM or AAC for audio.

  •  Thanks for the help! Turns out I did have to restart my computer for it to work,  didn't think of that.

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