I Ruined the Intro: Feel Free to Download and Play With

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So the regulars know I've been working on updating the intro for quite a while now.

I was working off of the original (completed) TFF -Films Intro which was made of composite shots.

I went to "save as" and titled the new one TFF - Vlog Intro.

I went through the process of changing the colors to match the themes and change the titles... it was lovely.

Then I received MANY crashes in a row. How odd...

I stopped messing with the "Vlog" file and opened the "Films" to see if I'd receive continuous crash reports. To my surprise all of the composite shots were changed to the Vlog ones. Annoyed, since now I have two Vlog files and feeling as though I had just wasted 5 hours of editing, figured I should take it to the forums... Turns out the Vlog only crashes when I hit a certain frame in the timeline.

The Export error for the Vlog reads, "Failed to export frame 123. Curve piece length has not been cached."

Update: When I went though the TL and deleted the composite of the "top dot" that slides around the text, I no longer receive the crashes, so simple fix. Copy mask from Films dot and paste to Vlogs, micro/fine adjust as needed.

Still need to fix the Films file though (the composite link and what not) and learn the "proper" way to copy composites without hindering prior files that used a variant of it.

Films before Compositing Issue:

Films after Compositing Issue:

I left my computer in sleep mode incase the Films composites can be recovered. Thanks in advance! @Triem23 @KevinTheFilmmaker @NormanPCN @KirstieT @StormyKnight