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  • craftycuratecraftycurate Website User Posts: 53

    Support for vector assets e.g. EPS, SWF, SVG is badly needed to make Hitfilm a viable motion graphics solution.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71
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    How about adding ability to export audio only formats from Hitfilm? Wav is enough so far. Mp3 is optional for now. Just add one more tab in export screen named WAV. It's a very difficult task actually. Then Hitfilm would have support for audio only format exporting.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    @AxelWilkinson @SimonKJones

    When the next Hitfilm update will be released? It seems that Express v4 had broken whole regular release cycle. Before that, updates were released at the beginning of each month. And how about priority? I guess that Pro version would have the main priority in updates. Does this mean that Express will be updated with new features once a year, if Pro version would be released every year? Except small bug fixes and changes, that will be available more frequently. Yeah, it's hard task to develop two versions of the same application at the same time. From practical side, there is no huge one reason to develop source code for Express individually. Just take Pro version and cut off some features of it and you'll have an Express version with bug fixes on Pro version. I ask about updates, because I want to look if my suggestions it will be taken into consideration. That's I wanted to say for now, thanks.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

     @AxelWilkinson @SimonKJones

    I'd like if these keyboard shortcuts would be added. These are simple enough, but also difficult:

    1.  R for rate stretch tool (also change others tools hotkeys to Premiere defaults)

    2. Ctrl+k for options dialog box (useful for macs, without using an extra title bar)

    3. Forward slash (/) for scale to fit in viewer (After effects old default, more convenient way)

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71
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    I'd like if Hitfilm borrow two editing tools from Premiere, that are simple enough: track select forward (set A as hotkey) and backward (shift+a). This could be a workflow update for editing side in software.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,820 Enthusiast

    Vegas has "Select to end" as well and I have used it frequently. Something like this can be on a right click context menu.

    Of course keyboard shortcuts for everything. If not predefined then at least blank and in the shortcuts edit list so we can customize the shortcuts to our preference. I'm repeating myself with this item but it is that important.

  • ccliffyccliffy Website User Posts: 36

    Add more features to be a full-time editor

    first thing: add support for multi-camera editing w/synch. [Manually synching is so tedious ]

  • MrForkMrFork Website User Posts: 9

    I would like to see some built in drawing tools.  It's possible that is beyond the scope of what you guys are envisioning for your product but I thought I'd mention it.  Also on the audio effect tool I'd like to be able to apply the spectrum to a mask layer instead of having to manually bend with effects.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    This is for the future, because is hard to implement I think. According to most people suggestions, Hitfilm should have ability to export DNxHD, ProRes and Lagarith maybe. Also, what I've mentioned earlier, possibility to export audio only formats from Hitfilm should be available (wav would be enough, mp3 is optional, because it's lossy and not well suited for editing).

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 17,745 Ambassador

    @MrFork Put your Audio Spectrum on a white plane and embed it in its own Composite Shot. (you'll have to copy over the audio file) Put a Black Plane as a BG layer.  Bring this back as an Embedded Composite and use it as a Set Matte, Luma, Replace map. :-) 

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    Please add hotkey similar to Slice selected objects/layers. This should be called: Slice all objects/layers. These should be separate things: one hotkey (currently ctrl+shift+d) for slice only selected material and another hotkey (maybe "s" if possible) for slice all material under current playhead position. This is available in Premiere: add edit has separate keyboard shortcuts for different purposes.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71
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    Ability to customize all keyboard shortcuts. Perhaps, this looks like a trifle, but it's important for better workflow purposes. Locking is not needed. Maybe I want to change redo from ctrl+y to ctrl+shift+z. So you may think about that, it's not possible to change it yet in the simplest way. [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

  • SarasotaSarasota Website User Posts: 272
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  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,820 Enthusiast

    Actually, I think a better solution to that would be implementing something like the Vegas Smart proxy mechanism. Premiere has something similar now but I don't know what they call it.

    I am not talking about current Hitfilm  proxies as these are actually full res, full quality, lossless renders and have a high hard disk I/O burden. What I am talking about is a transcode to a proxy file format for easy editing. For example, Vegas transcodes to 720px mpeg-2 data streams.

    Then you just need an option where Hitfilm uses the proxy file or the original source file. Apps like Vegas/Premiere already have preview/draft modes and the proxy is auto used in those modes and the original source is used otherwise and this "switching" between source and proxy is all handled transparently. The only manual part to the process is to initiate creation of the smart proxy.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    @Sarasota Do you want something like Adobe Media Encoder? I don't think this is a good idea. Currently, there aren't much rendering formats available in Hitfilm. So standalone transcoder application would be useless. Maybe a better way would be to use Handbrake or another standalone application.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    How about adding button similar to "match timeline" in comp shot properties dialog? This could be called "match content duration" OR "match duration" OR "match content". You may ask, why this is required.  For example, I made a composite shot with music in background. Music takes from the beginning and ends in the end of course. In other words, music duration is the same as comp shot duration - this is simpler explanation.

    Suddenly, I need to replace that music to another mp3 file, which duration is different. Instead of entering the duration values, milliseconds, in order to avoid black frames in editor, there should be possibility extend composite shot with the longest media file duration automatically.

    Another thing: if this would be implemented, then "match timeline" could be renamed to "match resolution" OR "match frame" OR "match frame size" etc. It's actually a trifle, but it would be misleading if it wouldn't be renamed.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    It's a trifle, but please add ability to hide XY coordinates display which is located in the bottom right-hand corner in viewer panel. I saw, that it's one of the oldest GUI elements in Hitfilm visible in the very first Hitfilm tutorials. I think, this should be hidden by default. And also please make it bigger and more visible if you can, not just miniature numbers as it now. This option could be added in viewer options menu, where checkerboard background setting is. It's a trifle actually, but there will be no worse if this would be added.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    "Walk" with arrow keys in media panel, instead of clicking on every file. Arrow down - next media file, up previous. Right arrow maybe open in trimmer (if it's a video and audio file of course, for images this will not do anything). It will make a workflow much more convenient and faster, especially when using a lot of video that are already imported in program.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast

    Ability to select Text by a method other than clicking on it. If you have several overlapping text layers and want to edit one, it is virtually impossible to do it without selecting the wrong one. Over and over and over again. :(

    And if they're in 3D, or at a funny angle, well, that just makes it harder.  They can't be selected as a Layer and edited there because...they're not one, they're some weird pseudo layer that only exists in the Viewer window.

    Even if you turn the darn things off on the timeline, they are still selected. And it's not even as if the order of the layers helps. It's possible to select one that is above or below the one you want on the Layer stack.

    Oh yes, that's another one. turning things off on the timeline should turn them off completely, not just make them invisible (or have the option to do that).

    I know you wouldn't want some things to be actually off, such as Layers used in Set Matte, but making them non-selectable when they're invisible - or actually locking them when they're visible, to avoid grabbing other layers, not just text - would be very, very useful..

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 17,745 Ambassador

    There's a coordinate display? Over three years and I never noticed it! 

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    @AxelWilkinson @SimonKJones @Ady

    The main focus should be given to fix these unconsidered things in editor workflow, that I've mentioned earlier. How this is should be:

    1.  Moving opacity or audio level envelopes should affect all selected clips not only the current one.

    2. Context menu (right click menu) option for unlink or link should be available if multiple clips are selected.

    3. Possibility to change audio level from controls panel for multiple clips at the same time (similar to envelopes).

    4. Also changing scale properties, anchor point, position, rotation, opacity, blend mode should affect all selected clips not only the current one.

    5. Extra: where is hotkey for rate stretch tool? This thing is not so important, it's a trifle, but it gives the impression that rate stretch tool is rarely used. Too many "r". Just change all tools hotkeys to Premiere defaults something to your preferred. It would be better than nothing.

    Maybe I forgot something, but these are the most important ones.

    I think that's the main reason why people are avoiding Hitfilm for video editing purposes: it's unconsidered workflow. Of course, another important reason is slow performance with h264 and other non intermediate codecs. If updates in editor side of Hitfilm will be small and not big as in comp side, as it now, then people will use Hitfilm for only compositing work. Now situation is similar, but it will be also the same in future.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    @Triem23 It looks like that there is. But it's extremely small and some people might need glasses to see it.

  • ltjostltjost Website User Posts: 3

    I have to agree with early posts in this thread.  I fear Premiere CS6 will eventually fail me and I will need something was hoping HitFilm might be that something...but clearly not yet.  I loaded a 1 hour video ... which took a very long time...and tried playing it back in started playing after a prolonged time...I tried to move my position in the video and HitFilm stalled for a long time...I gave up waiting and tried to close became unresponsive, so I ended the task.  It is so slow in comparison to Premiere that I find it least for large full HD video.  I will try again when a new release comes out...and maybe try it with something shorter later on.  It is just too unstable and became unresponseive and hung a couple times in my attempts to load a video until I found one that would load.   I know I am speaking in generalities that do not help improve the product, but want you to know that the overall performance is a showstopper.  If you read this suggestion...with MPEG-2 I know now that it is not supported in the free version...but why does HitFilm spend many minutes trying to load an MPEG-2 video before indicating that it is not supported?  Can't that be established when the load starts and save people the time?  Similar for embedded AC3...  Back to Premiere for now, hope to catch you later.

  • SarasotaSarasota Website User Posts: 272
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  • StefamStefam Website User Posts: 72

    Just to push the importance of some features already being in the list :)

    My major feature wishes:

    sequences = multiple NLE timelines
    These help a great deal in bigger projects with multiple chapters to stay organized.

    Performance = better h264 frame caching
    Even without making it a comp with effects the files directly taken from my cam are played back pretty crappy in Hitfilm, even in projects just being about 2 minutes in total importing a new mp4 (h264) clip that might be as long as 5 minutes. The whole UI seems to freeze for a couple of seconds. I could live with that if the UI would tell me that it actually does something at the moment. But just guessing when it is done and when the UI will start to respond to my mouse commands takes some nerves. And even after that it might take minutes until the clip (only about 30 seconds from this clip being used in the NLE timeline) finally plays back with a close to realtime speed.

    And please don't tell me about editing codecs and delivery format. Hitfilm set out to combine NLE with compositing in the consumer (prosumer?) segment. No consumer wants to convert his videos first before starting to edit. I do only run and gun stacking up 30 to 40 GB of h264 footage that I need to cut down to 15 minute movies literally taking a single piece of almost each clip I originally shot. No way am I going to convert my data first into another format. Other editing software can do h264 handling much better so this should be high up on the priority list since its concerning workflow performance which should win over feature requests.


    Anyway, Hitfilm 4 has come a long way and I really appreciate being offered such a great software for free :)

  • StefamStefam Website User Posts: 72

    Another wish:
    Please accept "," as equivalent of "." when entering values in spin boxes. On German keyboards the "," is on the num pad where I prefer to enter numerical values. Finding the "." takes just these couple of milisecon longer that soon start to annoy you.

    Lots of software allows using both to enter floating point values.

  • eTVeTV Website User Posts: 44

    @Stefam I have noticed the same thing about the decimal separator. I guess one could conclude it to: Use the computer's regional settings.

  • AlreadyTakenAlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    Someone mentioned that earlier, but I'll try to give it one more time. Multiprocessing support for rendering, multiple GPUs, CPUs. Rendering currently is not optimized and slow. So you could fix that, if you can.

  • LeStarLeStar Website User Posts: 3

    I would like the possibility to crop directly in the timeline without applying mask in composite shot.

  • 3dslider3dslider Website User Posts: 16

    I would like to see an efficient PBR rendering with integratin of OSL(Open Shading Language) for nodes to manipulate by artist.

    Pyhton scripting for VFX, layer for 3d Model (example head separate, body separate, etc ... to track some video together), Cut tracking  with control border (example to cut a character or other thing like box, car, dog, etc..),  crownd simulation, support substance painter, NLE for 3d characters, sky and night rendering, SSS match rendering (example  reworking face or skin), layer billboard SFX (smoke, light with mist, tree, people, etc...) and simulation of fracture for 3d objects.

    Voilà, thank you.

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