BBC Roadshow project

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Hey guys, Just posting a link to a video I recently edited for the bbc, as well as help shoot. The roadshow that invited people to come along and see how the BBC make their various TV shows. Link is here ( I cant embed it).
Its in the Take a peak section.


  • I think you did a really nice job editing it. Good thing to have on your CV. I thought the editing was really tight

    Slightly wingey and off topic buty Im not quite sure what the point of the roadshow was, they get our money anyway and wont even fund Doctor Who properly despite the millions it makes for BBC worldwide,
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    Ah man, I can't view it. Silly geographical restrictions...
    If you have a link to the content anywhere else thats not location restricted, let me know- I'd love to see it.
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    Ok , the explanation of the road show is a bit iffy. Eh basically , It was the bbcs attempt to show how they get involved with the community.