HitFilm Freezing and Crashing

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So I might be sort of notorious in the forums for my constant issue reporting, but that's only because I use the program so much...

Anyway, just thought I'd report a problem I've been having for quite some time now.  HitFilm 2 Ultimate crashes a lot, and it's almost always when I'm watching footage in the editor.  The footage itself is from my T3i and has been converted to use an AVID DNxHD codec.  It runs smoothly until the whole thing freezes and I'm forced end the program.  This happens quite frequently if I'm reviewing a lot of the edit.  It's not an urgent issue, just really frustrating and I was curious as to what the problem could be.

My computer specs:

Windows 7

64-bit OS


AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor

GTX 970 Graphics Card


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    My first guess would be it's related to HF2U's handling of MOV files. 

    QuickTime is a 32 bit app and limited to a 32 bit address space. This limit is passed on to HF2U so when you have enough QT data open to exceed the available address space HitFilm will lock up.

    Later versions of HitFilm have built in ways to get around this limit and are much better at handling QuickTime files.


  • That sounds about right.  Glad to know the newer versions are better at handling it, thanks for the info

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