Weekly Vid'

Hi all !
The Corp decided to make videos every week ( animation,breakdown,VFX )
this week for the firt time we make a simple movie, we try to do a little story (a little one! )
the colour correction is really "Dark" to according to the story !
Hooo and sorry for my accent ( I'm not english ^^ so ... )

comment ! :)


  • May have some advice or just impression
  • Interesting video. Two main comments are that the picture is pillarboxed all the way through and at about 1 minute in it gets even smaller with pillarbox and letterbox (black surround).
    The other comment is the microphone is sometimes a little distorted.
    All in all I like the concept. Well done!
  • ZedFable
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    I liked it, and I'm looking forward to your next ones. The only thing I'd add is that the most important thing to sell the idea that someone got shot is not the gun fire, or the blood hit but the person's reaction. A close second behind that is sound. I'd recommend trying to get your actors to react a bit more, and make the blood hits linger a little less. Everything else, you've got pretty good in my opinion. Like I said; looking forward to the next one!
  • thanks !
    yes we wanted to make a "synthetic" style voice , as a robot, but it's doesn't work good ^^
  • Not bad.
    The main points to work on would be your gun shot vfx, they're a little off, maybe use some tracking etc.
    Your voice over sounded like it was recorded in a echoy room.
    The 'Where are you' was whispered rather then shouted, which just made me giggle, probebly not the reaction you were going for.
    Your camera was a bit too shakey for me, but thats a personal thing.
    Finally your editing and timing was not great, but again, easily fixed really.
    Over all though, well done, I thought it was rather good for a first try.
  • thanks for your impression we'll fixe it on the next one !
  • Hi !
    This week we made a breakdown of a simply effect

    the next week we'll make a BF3 ( battlefield 3 ) Fan trailer Styled
    comment,rate,subscribe ! :D