Help My School!

Hello again,
Help my school win $800! All you have to do is "like" the photo on the link below on Facebook:
I recently entered in a competition in my local area to win prize money for my school. If we win, the money will go towards expanding the film department at my school. We have produced many great pieces and would really appreciate it if the HitFilm Community took some time to help us out. This contest is really important to us, and we are really hoping to win! Please vote yourself, and tell your friends to vote as well, the more votes the better, because we are trying to reach 2,000. We are currently at 330 "likes" and would appreciate some help from our friends at HitFilm. Make sure that you "like" the PHOTO on the page, NOT the comments. I'd like to thank you in advance with helping out me and my school. :)
Thank you,
- Braden Preston
- BP Films (Fxhome, Hitfilm, Facebook, etc.)
- BradenPrestonFilms (Youtube)
Tell your friends too! :)


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