New Music video "Dream" created with Hitfilm

Yo peeps. I haven't been around here often so I apalogize. I greatly value all criticism and tips I've gotten in the past from this community, and would love some ideas and criticism on this new project I did that just got released.

Some things to keep in mind. I had some serious issues with this video all relating to the inability of the band top actually play their song in sync with the recording, so I spent hours and hours hiding all the issues. It's also a throwback video to the old 1980s punk and hardcore music videos, hence the black & white, 4:3 aspect ratio, and awful under-cranked slow motion. Also keep in mind I only had a few hours to do the entire shoot, with a budget of $0. I know it isn't perfect, and I'm fairly unhappy with the end result, but the band LOVES it so I can't complain. Anyway any feedback is always appreciated. Next time I do something like this I'm doing it differently haha. 

I also used Hitfilm to edit all of this. 




  • Triem23
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    Key thing 1: you were aiming for a late '70's early '80's punk vibe, and you nailed it. I'll assume you did some research (watched videos from the era), and would have noticed that "concert" shots in those videos wouldn't actually sync with the audio--so that's fine. The only edit critique I could give is maybe add some film damage to give it even more of a retro feel. 

    Key thing 2: Band happy? You did well. Personal projects, go ahead and be a perfectionist and beat yourself up on the small thing. Client videos are about making the client happy. If the band loves the video, it's awesome. 

    The edit is snappy and fits the song. Individual shots are well chosen and well shot. The only shooting critique I have is wanting a couple more shots taken from farther back in the audience--maybe lower angles, even--maybe around shoulder height to get a lot of audience movement in the foreground with only glimpses of the band--a POV shot, if you will. 

    However, overall, I think you did a kickass job. Once you get some distance from the project you might grow to appreciate it more. 

    Good to see you back. You always do solid work. I remember back when I started with HF2 Ultimate your reels were some of what I looked at for inspiration and to see what Hitfilm could do. 

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    Very nice! Like Triem said if the client is happy then you did well. Being very nit picky shots of the band playing needed grain/film damage. Especially the slow motion shots. They just don't look quite "awful" enough.

    Things I might have done - A couple of shots from farther back in the audience (yep just like Triem mentioned) except at a higher angle. Partly personal taste and partly because given the venue I'm not sure a lower angle would work although if it did that would be cool too. I think I would have tried to work a Schindler's List "red coat" animal shot in there somewhere too.

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    @KahvehRobinett - Wow dude......nice vid! Don't beat yourself up too much. For on the fly and ZERO budget you did fantastic. The camera angles and shots between the band and the visit to the animal sanctuary made the vid interesting to watch. It held my attention anyway.

    I agree with T23 though about the film damage. I kept expecting some because of the style. The only other thing I would critique is maybe grain it up a bit so it doesn't look so much like video tape. And both of those can be added in post.

    Solid vid! Don't be a stranger! Nice to hear from you again!!!

  • Awesome! Thanks so much guys, I'm glad it accomplishes its intended effect. The venue we shot at was actually a weird book store, so I kept having to edit around shots of bookshelves lol. I find it interesting how little I actually like it, like I seriously dislike it. I guess its just annoying to essentially create a video that looks like garbage. Anyway I'm currently working on a passion project short film that I'm super super excited to share with you guys. I'm positive its going to turn out awesome judging from the footage I've already shot. I'll probably start writing a production blog thing on here as soon as I shoot some more footage. 

    As always gentlemen, thanks for the feedback.