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Hello all,

I just downloaded HitFilm 3 Express and wanted to begin Project One (I am very new to editing). Three minutes into the video the instructor says to go to the effects tab, presets, 3D effects, particle simulator, and then use the "Dust Puff" file. However, I have the majority of these files except for the files within the particle simulator folder. I was wondering why they are missing.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


  • NormanPCN
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    Express does not have the particle simulator effect. You may be able to get a decent smoke/puff effect using the smoke effect in the Quick 3D folder in effects. In fact this could be more instructive on learning how to use available tools to get a look. When you want to do something you are not going to find some TUT that shows you exactly what to do and what settings to get something. We normally have to roll our own.

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    Also, keep in mind that if you are just getting started in Express, we have tutorials made specifically for Express to help you get familiar with the basics: 

  • Thank you both for replying! I will look at this tutorial! Also, thank you for explaining!