Roto and 3d model test

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I've been studying roto work and implementing 3D models in video for a few months now, Here is my first serious attempt at both.






  • bryannelson
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    what do you think?

  • Andy001z
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    Hey @bryannelson great to see your work. Always jealous when others get their work out there (Grr i need a time machine). Anyway, my thoughts. firstly I liked the grading of the footage, and a pretty good acting job (although did I detect a smirk sneaking in). Mostly the ships rotoed nicely, one did seem a bit off at the end. My biggest concern was the integration (merging) of the VFX into your footage, often it seemed too hard edged or not in keeping with the final grade. Try some light wrap effect and blur on them. Oh and your camera shake was great.

    Sorry last points, loose the close up at the begining, it seems to add nothing and is jaring between fades and please add a gun sound to the toy gun (unless thats a joke.)

    Otherwise good job.

  • bryannelson
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    thanks @ANDY001z!

    Yeah, after a week of trying to blend the models, i just settled for putting motion blurs on them, but no wrap effects.  Thanks for the tips!