VST/AU Support

Is there a plan for VST/AU support for audio plugins inside of HF Pro so I can use audio effects like Izotope Alloy and Nectar, etc. ? 


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    What?, Not one staff member answered? :)

    Ok I will move on.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,015 Enthusiast

    I wouldn't expect them to confirm/deny what features are being worked on for a future release. This is really a wishlist request and replies are not needed for that. I am sure they have noted a (another) user request for VST support.

    I for one agree that being able to use something like Nectar in the NLE would be great since that can be all anyone needs for dialog audio. Thus saving external processing and the extra generated audio files that go with that process.

  • TheDigitalMediaTheDigitalMedia Website User Posts: 195
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    Thanks for the reply NormanPCN

  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,247 Staff
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    Sorry, this got a bit buried and overlooked .  There aren't specific plans to add VST/AU support at this time, but as HitFilm 4 Pro shows, audio improvements are something we are working on in the software.

  • TheDigitalMediaTheDigitalMedia Website User Posts: 195

    Ok, thanks for the update, at least I know what to expect and how to plan my workflow. I really appreciate it, trying to restructure for our very very small company to expedite our workflow and services we offer to customers.  In today's market turn around time,  quality,  and customer service are unsaid rules for any kind of longevity.  Thanks for your response,  @AxelWilkinson

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