HFP4 RAM Preview different quality to Normal Edit view

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While using RAM Preview to check something out, I noticed it doesn't look the same as the output does in the Edit window; it doesn't have any antialiasing applied when it's scaled-up, and looks blockier.

The result is the same with Antialiased or Full selected in the Edit window when doing the RAM preview.

The images below show it's more obvious when Zoomed-in, and antialiasing is not being done to the original pixels (720p video) in the RAM Preview version.

As the Edit window is only applying antialiasing to a scaled-up version, it wouldn't be an issue if the original source pixels are correct...but its also still noticeable (although harder to see) when the Edit window is at its normal 100% size (on a second monitor, BTW).

These two images were produced by RAM Previewing a section, pausing the video, then invalidating the Preview by toggling something that wouldn't actually change the video content: unlink/link on a scale parameter.



Proxy rendering seems to work as expected, and it is possible to enlarge a section and have it antialiased in the Edit window, but RAM Previewing a section that's already been proxied produces the same blocky result on that section.

As the final render is probably the same quality as the proxy method generates (as the proxies are used to save render time), it's probably not a real problem for the final output file; but why the difference?


  • Palacono
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    Worst time to report an error? Before the weekend, so...bump. 

  • SimonKJones
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    Do you only get this when RAM previewing a proxied layer? Or do you get it even when not using proxies?

  • Palacono
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    I get it every time. I tried it first without proxies, then again with proxies.

    I never use them, but just tried them for this to see if it made a difference; it didn't.

    I also tried to invalidate a proxy by the same method of changing a small thing that didn't affect the video, and while the RAM preview went away. the proxy was still there. 

    I then changed a coordinate of something which did affect the video and the proxy was still there. In the end I deleted it and went back to not using them.

  • CedricBonnier
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    The proxy system is much smarter than the RAM preview in the sense that a proxy will be invalidated only if you modify a setting that does affect the rendering of the proxied asset, if you modify any setting of a different comp it will not delete your proxy, which is not the case for the RAM preview.

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