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I owned some New Blue Effects prior to purchasing Hitfilm 4pro.  When opening Hitfilm they show up in the effects tab but can't be activated. (Actually when I try to apply a New Blue effect the video is eliminated as a result and when I remove the effect the video clip returns as normal.) This is not a big deal but it would be nice to be able to use New Blue in Hitfilm.  Any ideas when the issue will be resolved?

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  • Triem23
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    This might be an issue to take up with NewBlue. Which revision of NewBlue do you have (version number), and what host is it for? 

    Incidentally, my NewBlue effects are the version version BEFORE the current one, they are the OFX/Vegas Pro version, and, except for Titler Pro 3, they all work. Titler Pro 4 works in Hitfilm. 

    Either way, to use an analogy, you own a car. You take your car to an electronics shop and install a better sound system. There's a problem with the new sound system. Do you take the sound system repair to the car dealership, or the place you bought the sound system? 

    So, if Hitfilm is your car, NewBlue is a sound system, Boris is custom LED lighting and Mocha is an aftermarket spoiler. Problems with any of these should be taken to NewBlue, Boris or Imagineer. :-) 

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    Thanks for the info.  I never considered that possibility.  That helps.